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Non-alcoholic cocktails for pregnancy

One thing that I miss from Finland is the amazing selection of alcohol free beer and cider. In most of the supermarkets there, one can find an entire section of non-alcoholic drinks. Even our iconic beverage, a Finnish Long Drink, has its non-alcoholic versions that can be easily bought while doing doing daily groceries.

In Spain it’s easy to find a standard non-alcoholic beer in any possible supermarket, bar or restaurant. However, it is significantly harder to find an alternative for other types of alcoholic drinks. While it is possible to find dry cider in some of the supermarkets, I haven’t been able to find a non-alcoholic version to try. I have tried a couple of non-alcoholic sparkling wines and once I had a glass of alcohol free white wine but to be honest, all of them tasted so sweet that I would not buy them again.

Are there any options available for pregnant women who desire something special for a night out in Spain? Well, actually there is always an option to go to a cocktail bar! Nowadays all cocktail places have also non-alcoholic versions that both look and taste exciting. The other night I ordered a deep red cocktail that contained Martini Vibrante, home made syrup and soda and the cocktail really made the moment feel special (also the cute flower in the fancy cocktail glass helped!).

While most of the time a glass of cold sparkling water with a touch of lemon is sufficient, it’s always nice to have some more options available. I probably will continue testing new alcohol free wines but I think my favourite option will always be a cocktail bar.

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