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Visit Fanzara street art village in Spain

Fanzara is a beautiful street art and graffiti village in Spain that every art lover should visit. The village is located in the province of Castellón and it is a great day trip option for everyone visiting Valencia or Castellón. A small village has become famous as an ‘open air museum’ that has over 160 pieces of art work.

Fanzara village is an amazing option for a day trip as you can see all beautiful art works without paying any entrance fee. The tiny village also has a couple of places for having a cold beer or a tapas lunch. The nature surrounding the village is breathtaking. There are many hiking routes nearby so it is possible to combine an art tour with some sport and also truly connect with the nature.

Fanzara street art village is surrounded by beautiful nature

I visited Fanzara last summer with my boyfriend when we had our summer holiday. We were surprised that we had a chance to admire all graffitis and other street art works without feeling that we were surrounded by other tourists. I did not want to do any hiking there because it was a hot summer day in August. August is typically extremely hot in Spain and it is advisable to do all outdoor activities either early in the morning or late at night. To keep us cool, we had a drink before and after our art tour.

We especially liked these two street art works in Fanzara

When and how to visit Fanzara street art village

It is easy to use the entire day in Fanzara, especially if you want to do some hike as well. Winter might be the optimal time for a day trip. It is perhaps more comfortable to enjoy street art in a fresh but still mild winter air. More information on how to get to get there can be found here in English.

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